Everyone , and all things,
has their own book of stories,
and every day millions of fairytales are born.

Berry-licious Ducks

Colourblind Ducks

Peter Pan

Quircky Wise Bird

Quircky Wizard Bird

Quircky King Bird

Quircky Queen Bird

Endless buttkissing

Duckson 5ive Portraits

Deadly Innocence


Old memories

series 4

Old memories

series 3

Reservoir Ducks


Ducky Love





Old memories

series 2

Old memories

series 1

Kiss my butt

Duckson 5ive


Purple Ent

Red Ent

Sunlight Ent

Aqua Ent

Captured Flower Bouquet


Wishing on a dandelion


Bike at rest

Cold Farewell



Treeman, Death of an Ent

From Brussels with love


A walk in the garden

Passionate Flowers

diptich vertical

Passionate Flowers

diptich horizontal

Soft Hearted

Heart of a Flower Drama

Heart of a Flower

I am not strange.
I am just not normal.
Salvador Dali


Capturing the soul of a moment to ban it to eternity,
That soul tells the story, a story without words.
The colourful play of light brings us each time a new story,
a new beginning, a new soul.
Even death has its colour.

Peggy De Meue was born on October, 13th 1977 in Bonheiden (Belgium). Her family inaugurated her into photography and image manipulation. It was no more than logic that she would follow in the footprints of her father and make her own contribution to this magical world.

She tells different stories and censures none. It so happens that the world isn't perfect, it's just those imperfections -differences- that makes life interesting. That's also the mix you can find in her art.

Think outside the box
collapse the box
and take a f**king sharp knife to it.

Expo &  Events

Wonderful places
and unique decors...
Discover and feel,
meet and explore.

No artist is ahead of his time. He is his time,
it’s just that others are behind the times.
Martha Graham

Fun  Features

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My Numbers


cups of coffee a year


hours sleep each night






seconds is the average time to make an artwork


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Books & Publications

  • Old Memories

    Coming soon

    Hardcover, 48 pages.
    Author: Peggy De Meue
    Publisher: Mouseion Books
    Published: 2014
    ISBN: 9789090283784

  • Artief

    Artief was born as an ambitious midget among art fairs.
    This art forum has gotten recognition through her pursuit of artistic excellence and its structure as a live happening.

    The artbook Artief is a collection of artwork by the artists involved in this collaboration.

    Hardcover, 96 pages.
    Author: members of Artief
    Publisher: Mouseion Books
    Published: 2007
    ISBN: 9789079244010


Can I order artwork directly?

No, I collaborate only with art galleries and resellers.  

Can I visit you in your studio?

Yes, but only by appointment.

Do you also make commissioned artwork?

Yes I do, only when the artwork is in line with my philosophy and vision.

Are these unique works?

Yes, of all works only 1 piece will be made. Of certain works there can be up to 3 size-variations but always only 1 per size!

Is your name on each of your works like on the pictures in your portfolio?

No, ofcourse not. Sadly I need to add a watermark to my portfolio-pictures to prevent the possibility of piracy.
In other words: the original works do not have my name plastered all over them.

Are all works in your portfolio available?

No, some are sold and some are just not for sale... But if you are interested in a specific work, don't hesitate to ask.

A true artist
is not one who is inspired,
but one who inspires others.
Salvador Dali


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